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First Peoples Insurance Services Inc.
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The theory behind First Peoples Insurance began in 1998 while attending the annual State of the Band Address held by the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe. The address was given by Marge Anderson, who at the time was the Tribal Chairwoman of the Mille Lacs Band. She emphasized the need for the Native community to “support” each other; not only supporting each other with what we say, but with what we do. One of Anderson’s suggestions was the need to further the Band’s objective of self-sufficiency. One of the ways to accomplish this was to start, operate, and support non-traditional Native businesses.

insurance agencyThe idea of Indian owned businesses being supported by Indians would create a winning situation for all involved. This was seen as a positive plan for the members and the financial wellbeing of the Tribe. After attending the conference, Gary saw the desire of those in attendance to fulfill Marge’s dream. Roland Hill, who also attended the address and is an enrolled member of the Red Lake Indian Reservation, likewise heard the call from Marge. Through mutual friends, Roland and Gary were introduced. As they discussed Marge’s address, they began exploring what sorts of opportunities were available in the area. Since Gary was already an established agent in the insurance business, he asked Roland who provided insurance for tribal government, tribal residents, and other tribal businesses. From Roland’s knowledge, tribal insurance was provided from venders located in outside cities such as Chicago, Minneapolis, etc. Gary had the idea to somehow from an Indian-owned insurance agency. After a bit of searching, Roland discovered that that sort of business was absent form Indian Country. Gary was optimistic about the idea, while Roland was rather skeptical of the fact that a business like this has never been created before. However, because of the overwhelming details of the business plan, family life, and their other jobs, they were forced to put their business idea on hold until a later time.

insurance agencyAfter 14 years of waiting, the time had come. With rising employee benefit costs, the uncertainty involved with the ACA/PPACA, and having the right employees available, First Peoples Insurance services was formed in 2012. Roland was beginning to realize his dream of starting an Indian-owned non-traditional business. Roland has formed a core team to help guide First Peoples, its staff, and the Indian Nations in which they hope to serve in the next millennia. Please contact us today for individualized service and the new tradition in which we strive to offer in Indian Country.

Roland has formed a core team to help guide First Peoples, its staff and the Nations they serve into the next millennia. Contact us today for individualized service and a new tradition in Indian Country.
insurance agency

This is what makes us different: What you will find in the end is that we bring our service model to you and your employees. With more than just one annual visit, there will be effective communication between us. Our staff will become a vital asset to your organization and its people. Our objective is to take as much work off of your hands

Personal Benefits

Life Insurance

Offering 10, 15, 20, and 30 year guaranteed level premiums, our term life insurance plans are among the most competitive options available.

insurance agencyThe companies we represent are among the industry’s most financially stable and also offer an array of policies that provide us with the ability to offer great rates for those with or without pre-existing health conditions.

Health Insurance

Today individuals and families have challenging choices when considering health insurance plans. There are more plan designs and options available and deciding which program is appropriate for one’s family can be confusing. Whether you have an option through your employer, an individual plan or qualify for the exchange, we are here to help you make the right decision for you.

Disability Insurance

The companies we represent are among the industry’s most financially stable and also offer an array of policies that provide us with the ability to offer great rates for those with or without pre-existing health conditions.

  • Individual policies are available for people in all types of occupations. Regardless of your profession, we can design a disability income policy to meet your needs and budget.
  • Disability income insurance products can provide the funds to protect your lifestyle should you suffer an unexpected illness or injury. Let us help you find a policy with strong contractual definitions, competitive features, and pricing.


insurance agency

Individual disability insurance can help supplement long term disability benefits by protecting a higher percentage of your income — or by covering income like commissions, bonuses and other incentive pay that traditional long term disability plans may not cover.

  • Individual disability insurance is designed primarily for professionals and executives. However, if your employer offers IDI, it may be available to others at your workplace.
  • Individual disability insurance can protect a higher percentage of your pre-disability earnings (compared to traditional long term disability plans which typically cover up to 60%).
  • The length of time you can receive benefits depends on your policy. Some policies will pay benefits until you turn 67. Others have maximum benefit periods as short as two years. You must remain disabled under the terms of your policy to keep receiving benefits during these time periods.
  • Yes, you own this policy — so you always have the option to keep your coverage.

Employee Benefits

Disability Coverage

You do so much for people, and they rely on you. Imagine how life would change if an injury or illness were to get in the way. A simple injury could result in time away from work without pay. Disability insurance can pay a portion of income that is lost. Since this coverage pays you directly, you’re able to use the money as you need.

Short Term Disability

Everyday illnesses or injuries can interfere with your ability to work. Just a few weeks away from work can make it difficult to manage household costs. Short term disability coverage can pay up to 60% of your income, so you can focus on getting better and worry less about keeping up with your bills.

Long Term Disability

Serious illnesses or accidents can arise unexpectedly. They can interrupt your life and your ability to work for months- even years. Long term disability can pay up to 60% of your income so you can have financial support to manage your disability and household.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance provides affordable coverage for a specific amount of time. Most people buy it during their working years, so if they die, their death benefit can help loved ones manage their financial needs. Unum’s term life plans offer other important features, too — guaranteed coverage, family options, additional payments for covered accident-related claims, and early payouts for terminal illness.

Dental Insurance

Considered an attractive benefit by most employees, dental insurance operates in much the same way as health insurance.

Accident Coverage

You can’t always avoid accidents ─ but you can protect yourself from accident-related costs that can strain your budget. Accident insurance pays a benefit directly to you if you have a covered injury and need treatment. You also can get coverage for your spouse and dependents. As medical costs continue to rise, accident insurance provides a necessary layer of financial protection.

Critical Illness

When a serious illness strikes, critical illness insurance can provide financial support to help you through a difficult time. It can pay you a lump-sum cash benefit, which you can use any way to meet your needs. To help prevent illness, this plan can also pay you an annual cash benefit when you take a covered health-screening test.

Hospital Indemnity

A trip to the hospital can be stressful, and so can the bills. Even with major medical insurance, you may still be responsible for co-payments, deductibles, and other out-of-pocket costs. Our hospital indemnity plan pays a cash benefit directly to you whenever you or your covered family members are admitted to the hospital. Whether you’re being treated on an inpatient or outpatient basis, this coverage can help you manage your expenses.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

This program helps you and your families succeed at home and work. You can use this service for advice on typical event like financing a car, or selecting a qualified childcare or elder care facility. The service can also help you deal with more serious problems like substance abuse, divorce, or relationship problems.

Native Concrete & Masonry, Inc.
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We work on both new and existing builds, as well as commercial and residential. We work as a team to assess and examine each new project. We draw up a comprehensive plan and work with our client to deliver a build that exceeds his or her expectations. Native Concrete & Masonry, Inc. is so sure that you’ll love your finished product for years to come that we warranty our work.
Navigate through the following links for more information. Contact us with questions, to learn more about our warranty, or for an estimate.

With over 25 years of experience in masonry and 10 in concrete, Native Concrete & Masonry, Inc. has the skills and experience to assist you in your next project. Members of the team have worked on projects ranging from residential establishments to local schools to the Twins stadium. Native Concrete & Masonry, Inc. is so sure that you’ll love your finished product for years to come that we warranty our work.

We specialize in several concrete and masonry services, including:
Poured walls
Stamped concrete
Brick, stone, block and concrete
and more.

Native Concrete & Masonry, Inc. is happy to assist you in product and material choice for your new build. Visit our Materials page for more information.
Contact us with questions, to learn more about our warranty, or for an estimate.

Native Concrete & Masonry, Inc.’s experienced restorative staff members have provided services to clients ranging from from the North Dakota Historical Society to the City of St. Paul. We take the time to assess our client’s structure and review details such as build, material, texture and style. Our staff works with precision and direction to make our client’s piece just as hardy, trustworthy and radiant as it was in its original construction. Native Concrete & Masonry, Inc. is so sure that you’ll love your finished product for years to come that we warranty our work.

Where detail, structure and history matter, Native Concrete & Masonry can be trusted to restore:
Building and wall restoration
Foundation restoration
Fireplace and chimney restoration
and more.

Native Concrete & Masonry, Inc. sees our clients through a new build from start to finish, ensuring quality and attention to detail at every step of the way. We find the greatest pleasure in materializing a blueprint and bringing it to life. Native Concrete & Masonry, Inc. is so sure that you’ll love your finished product for years to come that we warranty our work.

As contractors, we specialize in:
Blueprint Reading
Contract Negotiations
Project Management
and more.

Native Concrete & Masonry, Inc. collaborates with several trustworthy suppliers of brick, stone, block and concrete. Our suppliers have brilliant and beautiful showrooms where you can take the time to assess your options in a relaxed environment with knowledgeable staff members.

View our Work Here

Hogen Adams PLLC
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Major Awards Received: Minnesota Super Lawyers in Native American Law; Best lawyers in Native American Law

White Earth Urban Community Council Mpls
Twisted Balloons
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Twisted Balloons is a fun group, who love to party!  Everyone was born to smile, laugh and to be happy~ Balloons have a way of doing that, no matter if you’re young or old, boy or girl, mom or dad…..we can help to make your party fun!   We also do face painting, and we have a clown.  Small party, big party, festival, we would love to be there.  Let us help with those smiles and memories!  :O)


AAA Reporting, Inc.
Bald Eagle Erectors, Inc.
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Bald Eagle Erectors

Since its establishment in 1994, Bald Eagle Erectors has provided quality, value, and added service to its customers. Because we focus on quality workmanship, our success is created from additional and repeat business through referrals from satisfied customers.

The mission of Bald Eagle Erectors and its personnel is to build and operate a company that provides valuable quality services to all of its customers.

With growth and profitability as our objectives, we will endeavor to provide those services at fair prices recognizing the right of our customers and suppliers to realize a profit. We shall conduct our business, value those relationships, and treat our employees and clients with respect, ethics and responsibility.

Bald Eagle Erectors is:

  • Minority and Veteran owned Minnesota Steel Erectors Association Member
  • Certified US SBA 8a
  • Certified DBE State of Minnesota
  • Minnesota Unified Certification Program
  • Certified ESB City of Mpls/Hennepin County
  • Certified MMSDC – Minnesota Minority Supplier Development Council
  • Certified TVDP City of St. Paul/Ramsey County
  • Member MAICC – Minnesota American Indian Chamber of Commerce


Best & Flanagan, LLP
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About Us

Best & Flanagan delivers creative and custom legal solutions to local, regional and national businesses and individual clients. We are a longstanding Minnesota law firm and are known for our depth of practice, recognized experience, extraordinary client service and practical results. We work with a wide array of clients, ranging from individuals and families to small businesses, government agencies and Fortune 100 companies seeking to do business in Minnesota and beyond.

We counsel our commercial clients throughout the life cycle of their business, ranging from incorporation, to intellectual property protection; real estate transactions, to dispute resolution and traditional litigation; tax planning to succession planning and far beyond. We guide individuals through the legal challenges pertaining to their family matters, tax and financial issues, as well as on wealth preservation and estate planning.

We bring decades of seasoned and effective experience serving government agencies on such issues as municipal law, public finance, land development, zoning and environmental matters. We are also one of very few law firms in the country who provide comprehensive Native American law expertise to tribal governments and their constituencies.

We work closely with each client to achieve the best possible legal and business outcome. We are highly effective at conflict resolution. On a daily basis, we work diligently with our clients to meet their individual and commercial objectives, and to overcome the legal challenges involved in litigation, regulatory compliance, contractual obligations and the overall protection of tangible and intangible assets.

We advise our business and individual clients on the ethical issues they face, and consistently provide solutions that safeguard both personal and commercial assets. We always represent our client’s best interest, and are retained repeatedly for our practical and cost-effective approach to problem solving

DSGW Architects, Inc
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At DSGW Architects, we believe architecture is a means to the solution, not a solution itself. Our focus is on listening, to understand what the community needs to accomplish. Only then can we create ideas that will reflect, enhance and endure within a community.

Casino Architecture


Our work is focused on the enrichment of communities through architecture.

DSGW staff






DSGW is a Minnesota firm with offices in Duluth, Virginia, Grand Rapids and Lake Elmo. Since 1938,DSGW has attracted clients who are active in their communities and want to play a proactive role in determining what is built within them.

We apply both classic and contemporary techniques to develop cities, buildings and interior spaces that exceed client expectations. Whether working with local leaders to pass referendums or responding to a health care provider’s requirements of a thoughtful design approach for a healing environment, DSGW listens to client expectations.

Our clients’ dreams and aspirations help us to deliver enduring buildings that bring communities together.

 Sustainable Design

As a member of the US Green Building Council (USGBC), DSGW Architects is committed to sustainable, energy efficient, environmentally minded design.