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Arlo Sports (MN Swarm)
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On October 25, 2004, sports fans and lacrosse enthusiasts in the Twin Cities were introduced to the Minnesota Swarm. Minnesota Swarm General Manager Marty O’Neill, Head Coach Mike Simpson and players Neil Doddridge and Ray Guze joined local youth lacrosse players shooting balls into a lacrosse net on the Xcel Energy Center turf to help unveil the new team name, logo and colors on the arena’s scoreboard during a special ceremony.

The primary Swarm logo depicts a swarming motion while highlighting an ambiguous insect, all in the form of the letter “S”. The electrifying gold, and bold, dominant blue in the logo and the jersey, bring to life the fast-paced, physical play of lacrosse. The secondary logo brings another character to life, with the hint of a lacrosse stick to tie back to the sport. The official team colors are Minnesota Royal Blue, Electric Gold and Minnesota Swarm Silver.

The Minnesota Swarm name and logo development sought to build a connection to Minnesota sports fans by tapping into the adrenaline-fueled nature of this high-scoring sport, while at the same time recognizing that it would be an edgy new addition to the local sports scene. After sifting through hundreds of names, and getting fan feedback via the Internet, there was one that quickly rose to the top – The Minnesota Swarm – incorporating the idea of coming together in an ultra-energetic way.

In 2008, a new chapter in Swarm lacrosse began as the team’s original owners, the Minnesota Sports & Entertainment (MSE), sold the franchise to John J. Arlotta and Andy Arlotta.

2020 Brand Solutions
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As your full-service brand management partner, we use BrandROI, our proprietary brand delivery platform, to create your custom Brand Resource Center.  This single-source, turnkey solution, is designed to effectively and efficiently, systematize your brand support activities.  

 Contact 2020 today, to learn how we can:

  •  simplify the process,

  •  increase accountability,

  •  ensure  brand standards.  


We employ a distinct set of skills in order to achieve this. Based on our client’s specific needs, we tap our competencies to develop a highly customized solution. We support corporate marketing teams by delivering multi-channel, branded content that adheres to your brand standards, is easily accessible to your entire organization, reduces costs, and insures accountability.  

 As your outsource partner, we manage every step of the process – from design, to sourcing to customer service, to distribution, to detailed analysis and reporting. We guarantee savings over your current spend, and a better workflow.

We are experts at helping companies communicate and promote their brand.


Demonstrating a unique blend of creative, marketing, and technology know-how, our case histories are tangible demonstrations of our branding impact.  

About 2020

2020 building

2020 BRAND SOLUTIONS is an outsource marketing services partner.  Our business is to maximize your brand.  We help organizations assess their marketing needs and strategically identify the most effective branded marketing collateral to meet their goals.  

We develop brand solutions – from strategy through implementation, to engage a company’s employees, channel partners and customers with their brand to measurably improve business results.  We systematize the process of sourcing and fulfilling branded collateral at a guaranteed savings.  Our strong vendor relationships and volume give us access to superior pricing.  Our free BrandROI® e-commerce solutions allow for easy ordering and feature a variety of custom options for dealers and branches.

For nearly 40 years, our inclusive technology-based brand solutions have consistently helped our clients reach their sales, revenue, profit and marketing goals.

“2020” comes from its intuitive association with perfect vision.  Effective branding solutions are born from the vision to see beyond the obvious to what is possible and then to follow-through with flawless execution.  We are committment to integrity.  We strive for excellence.  Our dedication to success allows us to craft effective solutions.

 For many of our clients we are their single-source provider of:

  •  Corporate Apparel & Uniform Programs

  •  Branded Merchandise

  •  Incentives & Recognition

  •  Print Management, and

  •  Specialty Fulfillment

Businesses typically have multiple suppliers providing these products and services.  This can make reporting and accountability difficult.  2020’s single-source solution simplifies the process and requires no upfront investment.  We reduce costs and eliminate the need for administrative support, while improving access, brand control, and reporting.


Adolfson & Peterson Construction
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Why Adolfson & Peterson

So, why partner with A&P? The answer to that lies in three key words – value beyond building. These words guide each and every project we undertake, and they form the foundation for our approach. Not content with the status quo, at A&P we go beyond delivering technically sound facilities on time and within budget to bring added value to the process in which your vision becomes a reality.


At A&P we work smarter. We look for ways to do more with less. We stretch ourselves to answer the unanswerable questions, and solve the unsolvable problems. From inventive predevelopment and preconstruction services that set the right course for your project to the application of the latest construction technology at the job site, we foster a culture that rewards innovation. We empower all of our team members to think outside the box to make our clients’ lives easier.


Understanding the unique needs for your project is the key to a successful process. That’s why our team members are experts in more than construction. A&P’s proven partnering process drives success by establishing an atmosphere of collaboration from the earliest stages of a project. Our team members work with you to fully understand your business, not just your buildings. Our aim is to become a trusted advisor that truly understands what you do. Having this understanding allows us to ask the right questions and help you make the correct decisions for your continuing success.


For A&P, delivering a building within budget and on schedule is a given on each and every project we undertake. But we hold ourselves to a higher standard. Providing innovative solutions to deliver your wants, and not just your needs is our measurement of success. We truly strive to outperform in everything we do and we’ve never failed to deliver on a promise. We’re not just another good contractor. We’re your partner in success, bringing added value at every stage of the building process.

Mission Statement

Our Vision:

Value Beyond Building

Our Mission:

Innovate, Collaborate and Outperform by:

  • Cultivating client loyalty
  • Nurturing a safe, collaborative workplace
  • Creating a culture that fosters creativity and innovation
  • Making a positive impact on our communities
  • Building high-performing teams

Our Core Values:

Work Hard
Absolute Integrity
Enjoy Life

Our Code of Ethics:


Clients We Serve

From learning environments at public universities to private affordable housing developments, A&P has a broad project portfolio with a diverse clientele. At the end of the day – bringing forth a client’s vision is our top priority. To do that requires that we go far beyond just delivering technically sound facilities on time and within budget. It requires our teams actively foster collaboration and problem solving amongst all members of the project team – owner/developer, architect, engineers and other delivery partners — from beginning to end.

As client-focused innovators, Adolfson & Peterson combines more than 69 years of construction expertise with the latest technologies to provide clients with the highest standards of workmanship, integrity and client care. When A&P is on your team you can be assured that we will do exactly what we’ve done for thousands of satisfied clients – make your vision a reality by providing value beyond building.

PCL Construction
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Vision & Values


The PCL vision enhances the internal culture, and maintains PCL’s reputation as a construction leader, an employer of choice, and an active community member. PCL aspires to be the most respected builder, renowned for:

  • Excellence
  • Leadership
  • Unsurpassed value


PCL employees are open, candid, and truthful.

PCL employees’ word is their bond. They do what they say, and live up to the highest standards of fairness and ethical behavior.

PCL employees work hard to earn business partners’ trust and respect on every project they undertake.

Dynamic Culture
PCL employees constantly seek new opportunities to learn, to improve, to teach, and to add value.

PCL employees love what they do, taking the lead, and leading by example.


The PCL family of companies is 100-percent employee-owned. That ownership means extraordinary performance by employees and outstanding value for clients. At the same time, local ownership ensures that local dollars remain in the communities where PCL employees live and work.
Every employee and business partner has something to contribute to PCL’s construction teams. This belief is the key to mutual success.
Mutual Obligation
In return for adding value in the business, PCL employees can expect to perform meaningful work and to have satisfying careers.
PCL will not compromise the health and safety of its people.
Effective Communication
PCL provides the accurate and timely information required to support good decision-making.
PCL values men and women of diverse ages, religions, and ethnic backgrounds.
PCL’s geographic diversity is an asset.
Social Responsibility
PCL encourages and supports its employees in their desire to improve the quality of life in their communities. PCL is a contributing partner to the development of the construction industry through active involvement in its associations.


​PCL recognizes that diversity and inclusion make the organization better able to achieve objectives and meet the needs of clients.


PCL’s commitment to being a leader in the recruitment, development, and advancement of a diverse workforce allows the organization to attract and retain the best talent available by increasing the size of applicant fields to include men and women from diverse cultural, educational, and experiential backgrounds. PCL and its clients thus receive the benefit of an array of ideas and solutions that come from the widest possible range of perspectives.


PCL partners with small and disadvantaged business firms to provide mentoring, training, and growth opportunities to those organizations. This provides clients with the broadest possible range of professional services and pricing options. PCL is committed to giving mentor/protégé partners the tools they need to be successful both now and after project completion.

What binds people together, regardless of jobs or personal characteristics, is a shared set of core values: honesty, integrity, respect, passion, and the development of a dynamic culture where everyone can learn, teach, improve, and add value for clients.


  • PCL starts by helping you to select the right construction project delivery method from the many options available .Learn More »



    Contract and pen

  • As a construction contractor, PCL specializes in creating flexible arrangements to get your projects built.  Learn More »



    Cranes on a heavy industrial project by PCL

  • PCL’s construction services can be customized to fit your needs and your budget–no matter what the project scope. Learn More »



    A light bulb representing technology and innovation in the construction industry

  • After over 100 years in the construction business, PCL has collected a lot of good cost-saving ideas and has remained on the leading edge of construction technologies.  Learn More »



  • With more than a century of experience in the construction industry, PCL continues to provide value to its clients through innovative solutions and forward-looking industry leadership.  Learn More »
Knutson Construction
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Knutson Builds Masterpieces

Look out across the skyline. What do you see? A strikingly beautiful, thriving community full of wonderful people and unlimited opportunity. At Knutson, we also see that many of the landmark buildings throughout the communities we serve bear the mark of our construction expertise. It’s humbling and gratifying.

Our 500 employees provide the backbone of the services we provide and are a group of talented, passionate and innovative professionals. We cherish the opportunity to serve our clients and are proud that seventy percent of our business comes from owners with whom we have previously worked. For over ten decades we have preplanned, managed or built virtually every size and type of facility in the world — hundreds of clinics, hospitals, churches, assisted care facilities, libraries, museums, government facilities, environmental facilities and universities.

Today, with offices in Minneapolis, Iowa City, Rochester, Cedar Rapids, and Altoona much of our work comes from customers who rely on us as their preferred construction partner. These ongoing relationships say something important about long-term loyalty built on trust and success. We hope you enjoy your visit. If you have any questions, please call Brad Johnson or Dave Bastyr.

Our Commitment to Diversity

 Knutson has a long history of including minority and women partners in our project opportunities and is fully committed to meeting or exceeding contract and workforce goals.

Our strong relationship with both minority and women business organizations allows us to promote industry opportunities and hire the best candidates. Contractors who bid with Knutson always have a clear understanding that winning the bid is not based on price alone.

We demonstrate our commitment to diversity by:

  • Recognizing that it is in our best interest to encourage a broad base of subcontractors, suppliers and vendor relationships
  • Understanding that utilizing diverse subcontractors, suppliers and vendors contributes to the economic growth and expansion of the communities we serve

Our objective is to offer these businesses the opportunity to align with all other subcontractors, suppliers and vendors in the competitive marketplace.

During the procurement phase, we introduce the project, discuss the schedule, describe our contract and workforce diversity plan and conduct face-to-face interviews to help us develop a more personal relationship and have a better connection with potential candidates.

During construction, our Project Manager and Diversity Manager track and monitor all WM/SBE participation and assure that diversity goals are met.

Knutson is truly committed, knowledgeable and proven when it comes to setting and achieving diversity goals.



It could be our Scandinavian roots. Or maybe it’s because we know we’re all in this together. It’s just in our nature to build smartly and cost effectively. And if we find a way to save thousands or even millions, you’ll see it back. Never cutting corners, but always seeing around the next corner.

No matter where you are in the process, we have the talent, the experience and the resources to make sure your construction project is a success. Our early involvement during preconstruction has helped many of our clients save millions and prevent costly surprises. We embrace the wide range of delivery methods used by owners today and cherish the opportunity to lead you through your construction journey.

Construction Management

The Owner’s Advocate

Construction projects can be highly complex. Few owners have the resources necessary to pay close attention to every detail — yet these details can make or break a project. Operating as an extension of the owner’s staff, Knutson can provide pre-planning, design, construction, engineering and management expertise to ensure a successful project regardless of the delivery method. Like a bulldog, we pledge to be tenacious in looking out for your best interests.

Agency CM
Under this delivery method, the construction manager acts as an extension of the owner’s staff and manages the work of all prime contractors who have direct contracts with the owner. An agency construction manager typically does not self-perform trade labor work on the project. This is the dominant method for public sector work.

CM at Risk
This method is used most often in the private sector. It combines the responsibilities of agency construction manager with the financial risk for the construction cost of the project. The construction manager prepares a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) prior to the start of work. In this delivery method the trade contractors may have direct contracts with the construction manager or the owner depending on the terms of the
owner/CM agreement.

CM as Constructor
This is similar to the agency CM method except it provides the CM with the opportunity to submit a bid for portions of the work. If the CM is awarded the bid they are allowed to perform that work under a separate contract with the owner. This method provides an advantage in schedule and quality control but is often perceived as a conflict of interest in instances where the CM is evaluating the performance, change order requests or quotations for its own trade contracts. CM as constructor is not always perceived as a separate delivery method from agency CM but is contractually very different. While this form has not gained wide acceptance in the public sector, increasing numbers of owners are supporting this as a viable and effective method.



With design/build the architect and general contractor work together as a single entity to provide both design and construction services, reducing the delivery schedule. This method relies on one point of contact, which minimizes risk for the owner. This approach allows the team to eliminate any discrepancies in the design before construction starts. This also eliminates redundancy in the proposal and bidding procedures, which is typical in the traditional design-bid-build process.

Key benefits of this method are:

  • Guaranteed outcome
  • Single source accountability
  • Accelerated schedule
  • Guaranteed maximum price

General Contracting

Orchestra Leader

As a general contractor, Knutson and its team members resemble a great orchestra. When we blend the skill and expertise of our co-workers, subcontractors and suppliers, it can look like great music in the making. We provide the resources, expertise and leadership to ensure the safety, quality, timeliness and financial success of our projects. We offer:

Competitive Bid and Negotiated
We serve owners on competitive bid projects, where we begin building at the completion of the design phase, and negotiated projects, where we work with the owners and the design team during preconstruction to identify changes and cost-saving opportunities.

As a self-performing contractor with trusted and proven professionals who work well as a team, we can be more proactive at anticipating and resolving construction issues because we are performing the critical tasks. This approach also ensures greater quality assurance, better communication, control over the schedule, cost savings and efficient utilization of manpower and machinery. We self-perform masonry, concrete, steel and carpentry.

Subcontractor Selection
We have excellent partnerships with trusted subcontractors throughout the communities we serve. These enduring relationships translate to better workmanship and lower costs for our clients.


Charting the Right Course

Knutson’s early involvement prior to construction can greatly minimize costly surprises and allow you to ask what-if questions about budget, schedule, materials and design options. Our knowledge of construction costs, materials, structural alternatives, and mechanical and electrical systems can significantly impact the quality, cost and timing of construction.

No matter which delivery method you choose, Knutson will provide prompt and expert advice. Knutson has an expert preconstruction team who can provide you with:

  • Early Project Cost Evaluations (Program Pricing)
  • Site & Risk Assessments
  • Construction Milestone Budget & Schedule Establishment
  • System Analysis & Value Engineering
  • Real Time Estimating Services
  • Risk Mitigation Reviews
  • Design Phase Assessment & Cost Implications
  • Life-Cycle Analysis
  • Long Term Operational Expense & Maintenance Studies
  • 3D Building Information Modeling
  • Interim Life Safety Planning


Greener Construction

We are committed to sustainability and have many LEED Accredited Professionals with the knowledge and skills to steward the LEED certification process.

LEED, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, indicates a property’s overall sustainability by awarding points for just about any sustainable feature imaginable, from bike racks and rainwater reuse systems to energy-efficient lighting and plumbing fixtures. It is comprised of specific programs tailored to new buildings, existing buildings and tenant build-outs. There are different tiers of certification such as silver, gold or platinum.

Virtual Design and Construction

Seeing the Way

A picture may well be worth 1000 words and the ability to “see a way” is greatly enhanced through the use of virtual design and construction (VDC) and building information modeling (BIM). Today’s electronic modeling technologies are driving the construction industry away from two dimensional processes toward a true, model-based approach. Knutson leverages these important tools throughout design and construction to add value, facilitate decision-making, and communicate to clients, project team members, and project stakeholders. Modeling allows projects to achieve the greatest efficiency while visually depicting the overall design intent to project stakeholders.

Other Advantages of BIM

  • Visualizing the project’s schedule
  • Allowing for coordination of Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection systems
  • Increasing the reliability of expected field conditions
  • Increasing the prefabrication of materials offsite –saving both time and costs
  • Analyzing logistics and cost scenarios
  • Reducing RFI’s
  • Identifying safety and quality issues before construction starts
  • Reducing time and cost of construction
  • Decreasing mistakes and rework in the field
  • Guiding owner and team decisions


Perry Bolin
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Perry’s experience in Indian Country dates back 20 years.

Perry was Executive Director of the Earthstar Project, Inc. a Native American Nonprofit Organization to providing housing for Elders with supportive services.  He secured $3.5 Million in funding and developed the Elders Lodge  in St. Paul (3-story, 43 Apartments HUD Section 202 of Elderly Housing) for urban, low-income, American Indian Elders.  I am presently supervising renovations to the Elders Lodge.

Perry’s Community Service in Indian Country 

  • American Indian Housing Task Force (St. Paul MN): Participated with HUD, MHFA & American Indian Policy & Research to define housing needs of St. Paul Indian families (to address homelessness).
  • American Indians in Unity (St. Paul MN): Served on a Housing Task Force with Indian Community Members and helped to plan and build American Indian Housing in St. Paul.
  • American Indian Family Center (St. Paul, MN): Served on the Board of Directors
  • Served on the Owner’s Representative Management Team for the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe for Master Planning and Multi-phased Construction of the  $26.5 Million Northern Lights Casino and Resort Hotel & Event / Conference Center (Walker, MN).

Served as a Member of the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Corporate Commission for Economic Development (Cass Lake, MN).

  • Participated in American Indian Housing Conferences sponsored by HUD and State Housing Finance Agencies in Minnesota and Wisconsin and Inter Tribal Economic Development Conferences in Northern Minnesota
  • Received a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Building Innovation in Home Ownership Award for Design of 5 homes, including one ADA accessible home, for Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity / Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center (MIWRC) Partnership, Minneapolis.

Perry provided Design Services for:

  • Lac Courte Oreilles Band of Ojibwe Reservation (Hayward, WI): Feasibility Study for:  1) Renovation of and Addition for Administration Building, Judicial Center and Headstart Childcare Program  2) Funeral Home Design for a private funeral operator.
  • Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Reservation (Cloquet, MN): Design of  an A-Frame Residence for a private home owner.
  • Black Bear Crossings Community Center – Coffee House & Gift Shop, St. Paul, MN (original location for Owner David Glass).
  • American Indian Family Community Center & Clinic (St. Paul, MN): Elevator Accessibility Addition.
  • Peta Wakan Tipi’s Mother Earth Lodge (St. Paul, MN): Provided design for remodeling of Indian Women’s Transitional Housing.
Sam Olbekson
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The Cunningham Group provides Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design and Planning Services.

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About Kraus-Anderson

Core Values:

INTEGRITY– Do the right thing…always be respectful, honest and fair

COMMITMENT– Take ownership, work hard, and keep promises

TEAMWORK– Collaborate to foster trust and success for all

VALUE PEOPLE– Support each other in a safe, positive environment where people are recognized and appreciated for their contributions

Founded in 1897 and privately owned and managed by the Engelsma family for more than 70 years, Kraus-Anderson Construction is consistently ranked by Engineering News-Record among the top 50 Construction Management-at-Risk Firms in the United States. Our Minnesota base of operations is supplemented with regional offices, extending our capabilities coast to coast. Learn more

We take a highly collaborative approach with every commercial building project, working closely with owners, architects, and the rest of the planning team well before ground is broken. Clients are equipped with the right information, from cost analyses to schedules, to help them make informed decisions. Our construction management approach results in on time, on budget projects of the highest quality and the best value.

“The project manager did a fantastic job coordinating with the architect… all the meetings were on time, with the right people attending. We got great bids from subcontractors. In fact, the project came in under budget by $750,000, which allowed us to build a bus garage.” – Steve Scheills, District Administrator, Amery School District, WI


Today’s sophisticated facilities and accelerated business environments place greater demands on delivering projects. Whether optimizing value, controlling costs, or meeting aggressive schedules, success depends on decisions made at the initial stages of a project.

We offer a system of interrelated strategic services, from early conceptual planning to actual management of the construction process. Kraus-Anderson’s construction professionals focus on creating value and eliminating waste at every step of our delivery process in order to save you money and time.

Pre-Project Planning Services

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Site Assessments
  • Conceptual Cost Estimating
  • Lifecycle Cost Analyses
  • Risk Assessments
  • Cash Flow Projections
  • Preliminary Schedule Development
  • Environmental/Sustainability Assessments
  • Construction Phasing Strategies
  • Design/Constructability Review
  • City Review Process Coordination
  • Consultant Selection Assistance

Construction Services

  • Bidding and Subcontractor Selection
  • Subcontractor Coordination
  • Construction Supervision
  • Site Coordination
  • MEP Coordination
  • Document and Change Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Materials/Equipment Procurement
  • Cost Control
  • Quality Control
  • Insurance Administration
  • Affirmative Action/EEO
Pre-Construction Services

  • Scope Development
  • Project Integration Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Cost Estimating
  • Schedule Development
  • Value Engineering
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Disruption Avoidance Planning
  • Virtual Design Coordination and Modeling
  • Environmental Life Safety Planning
  • Sustainability Analyses
  • Quality Control/Quality Assurance
  • Long-Lead Procurement
  • Compliance

Post-Occupancy Services

  • Owner’s Fit-Up/FF&E Coordination
  • Final Cost Accounting
  • Commissioning
  • Warranty


We believe diversity strengthens our organization and allows us to serve clients at the highest possible level.

Kraus-Anderson successfully reaches out to diverse groups when working with subcontractors and suppliers to help them overcome challenges, secure work and build their capacity to thrive. We partner with small businesses, women business enterprises (WBEs), minority business enterprises (MBEs), people with physical and developmental challenges, and active-duty or returning military employees.

We have been repeatedly recognized for our workforce hiring efforts by Opportunity Partners, theMetropolitan Economic Development Association (MEDA), the U.S. Department of Defense Employee Support of Guard and Reserve, and numerous public and private sector clients and partners.

We frequently work with project owners to meet specific project goals. For example, our work with Native American projects since 1990 has resulted in $75.4 million in contracts to American Indian trade contractors, and generated 811,165 hours of work for American Indian individuals.


Market Sectors


McGough Construction
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McGough History: Partnership from the Start

McGough has a rich history that dates back to mid-19th century Ireland. The McGough family immigrated to America in the late 1800s, bringing with them a long-standing practice of quality and craftsmanship. The present firm, incorporated in 1956 by Peter McGough and his six sons, is built on the family legacy.

Six successive generations of McGoughs have continued and enhanced our construction expertise. Today, McGough enjoys an unparalleled reputation for delivering complex projects, on-budget and on-time, while maintaining our tradition of quality and craftsmanship.

Over the years we have served noteworthy companies and organizations of all types and sizes. Whether the project involves affordable housing units or major downtown office towers, McGough develops and cultivates partnering relationships with every client.

In addition to McGough’s headquarters office in St. Paul, Minnesota, we have branch offices in Rochester and St. Cloud, Minnesota; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; and Phoenix, Arizona, facilitating our project development and construction activities nationwide.

Preconstruction Services: Starting Smart

Early collaboration identifies opportunities for efficiencies in any size construction project. Our team can offer valuable insight through early analysis of design, budget, materials, equipment, subcontractors and scheduling. Informed decisions throughout the preconstruction phase can significantly impact time and money.

During the early phases of project planning and preconstruction, specialists from our Virtual Planning/BIM, MEP and Sustainability Centers of Excellence will support the project team with critical analysis and insights that dramatically improve early decision making. To enhance collaboration during this early planning phase and throughout the project, McGough offers our InterACT suite of tools and processes. The combination of early expert advice and enhanced collaboration capabilities leads to optimization of project outcomes.

McGough preconstruction services provide important benefits:

Value Optimization
Our experience can help identify construction practicality, cost-effective purchasing and logistic practices that meet project scope and budget – without compromising function or aesthetics.

Efficient Scheduling
From materials and labor availability to site safety and logistics, we understand the many challenges in scheduling and completing a project on time and within budget. We partner to develop and manage real-time project schedules that reflect decades of experience and innovative thinking.

Cost-effective Purchasing
Based on project goals, estimates and insight gained from preconstruction planning, we can help guide, coordinate, or execute the purchase of materials and subcontractor services.

Construction Services: The Foundation of Our Expertise

We understand the complexities and unique challenges found in any size construction project – renovation or new construction, tenant improvement, or a full-scale addition. With a full range of planning, construction, development and facility management services, our clients have the advantage of our cross-functional expertise and insight.

McGough has a proud history of partnership and collaboration on projects ranging from complex biotechnology facilities and mission critical data centers to world-class corporate campuses and inspiring education and worship spaces. Our reputation is reflected in the structures we’ve helped create and our commitment to safety, quality, efficiency, and sustainability. McGough is known for highly experienced project managers and supervisory personnel who leverage the power of the right people in the right place, at the right time.

McGough leverages VirtualBUILD and LeanBUILD practices to ensure the most efficient and effective outcomes during the construction phase of project. Our experienced project team utilizes state-of-the-art project management software and content sharing tools to facilitate effective interaction with all project team members. These tools, protocols, and practices ensure consistency of approach on all projects, as well as predictable outcomes.

Diversity Programming

McGough is dedicated to a responsive, inclusive, diversity program. Our commitment recognizes that diversity in employment and contracting is absolutely aligned with the McGough culture.

Because we value diversity in our employees, our subcontractors, and our business partners, our diversity program is specifically intended to encourage competition and innovation and provide significant economic benefits to the communities where we do business.

Contact Karin McCabe to learn more.

Locations (click here for location information)

Portfolio (click here for an expanded portfolio)


Cy-Con, Inc.
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Our organization employs the most seasoned and experienced construction project managers and field supervisory personnel in the market. We build projects using a broad range of delivery systems, including construction management, design-build, and various general contracting arrangements. Our large labor force often self-performs many of the critical construction tasks necessary to ensure successful project completion.

About Us

Cy-Con, Inc., a multi-line general contractor was incorporated in 1969. The original owners were Charles Young, Sr., Charles Young Jr., and James Young. The name Cy-Con derives from the initials of its founder (Charles Young Construction). The original emphasis was on heavy construction. Cy-Con completed a multitude of bridges, walls and industrial plants in its early years.

In 1980 the company expanded into concrete restoration and building renovation. The company also began its commercial – industrial building operations in the mid 1980s. Cy-Con has completed thousands of projects for hundreds of clients during its five decades in the construction business.

The current owners, Michael Young and Douglas Olson continue to build on Cy-Con’s excellent reputation within the industry. Cy-Con’s owners and employees continue to provide its customers with a superior product at competitive prices.


General Contracting

Cy-Con is a full line contractor offering construction management, design/build, and general contracting services. We work with numerous architectural and engineering firms. We have a long association with many private customers as well as with numerous government and municipal organizations.

Our experienced estimators, project managers, and field supervisory personnel work with our team of sub-contractors to provide exceptional value.

We deliver projects using:
construction management
hard bid services
We offer excellent team communication, project management, and cost control to provide a project of the highest quality.

Restoration Services
Cy-Con performs a full line of commercial structural and architectural renovation work. We offer a complete restoration service including, mechanical, electrical and architectural work that may be required in connection with repair work. Our experienced craftsmen have been performing quality restoration work for hundreds of satisfied customers since 1969.

Our restoration services include:
Concrete repair
Masonry restoration
Waterproof coatings
Expansion and contraction joint repairs
Steel repair and refurbishing
Crack repairs
Foundation repairs
Vertical and horizontal coatings

Smart Highway Technology
Cy-Con was one of the first companies in the country to be involved in the Smart Highway business. We have worked in the industry for over 25 years, and we have completed hundreds of lanes of Weigh-in Motion and related installations.

Our services include:
Weigh-in motion systems
Automated weigh stations
Cameras and over-height detectors
Vehicle classifying systems
Truck bypass installations

Klas Robinson
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KlasRobinson Q.E.D. is the premier provider of consulting services in Indian Country, specializing in market and feasibility studies, impact analyses and economic development & diversification, both on and off the reservation. The principals of KlasRobinson Q.E.D. have worked with more than 200 different Tribes and have successfully raised more than $10.0 billion for its clients through feasibility studies and other expert counseling.

Major Awards Received2010 Recipient of National Indian Gaming Association’s “Outstanding Service Award” 


Hogen Adams PLLC
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Major Awards Received: Minnesota Super Lawyers in Native American Law; Best lawyers in Native American Law

Two Buffalo Construction Supplies Inc
Adobe DeSigns, LLC
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Design build

Construction Management

Signage Interior/ Exterior: 

ADA signage, Pylon,Parking,Wayfinding etc.

Sandblasted Router carved Signs (3d)

Sign painting

Banners (All Types)


Vinyl Graphics

Fleet or Vehicle graphics

Digital Imaging:



Wall finishes/coverings

Loeffler Construction
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About Loeffler Construction & Consulting

With over five decades of experience delivering successful projects in nearly all market segments, we seek out the “win-win” on every opportunity. We work on more demanding projects every day because we focus on our clients’ needs and how to improve their operations. Our team of motivated and experienced professionals earn client loyalty by delivering our services with integrity.

We offer project planning, construction management and cost consulting services.

Our project consulting services collaborate with Owners, Designers and Architects serving them with comprehensive preconstruction planning, cost estimating, scheduling and value optimization as well as project management and construction phase services.

Our construction management services focus on a vision to be a Best Value contractor. From renovations to new construction, we hire subcontractors that embrace this same philosophy. Combining skilled people, quality assurance and green expertise with cost effective and innovative solutions helps us reach more clients every day. It is the nature of our firm to be flexible, responsive and diverse.

Loeffler Construction & Consulting – Integrity Built

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Midwest Minnesota Community Development Corporation (MMCDC)
K. Pearson Mechanical, LLC
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K Pearson Mechanical, LLC is a turnkey mechanical systems contractor located in Hugo, MN and serving the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro areas. As the result of our commitment to delivering quality, dependable results for commercial projects, we’ve become the Twin Cities’ premier choice in mechanical contracting for heating, plumbing, air conditioning, and system automation for commercial, institutional, and educational applications.

Here at K Pearson, we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. That’s not always an easy target, but it’s one we hit precisely by working with our customers to make the best indoor air comfort decisions, and by creating a system that meets their needs and budget

We have the capability of servicing and installing all makes and models of equipment. And we offer expertise in all energy efficiency options available from the major utilities. Moreover, we maintain membership in trade organizations to provide on-going training for our team members.

Commitment to Safety

K Pearson Mechanical, LLC puts safety first in all of our work. In keeping with this priority, our service technicians participate in weekly customer service, safety and technical training. Our track record for safety has been proven by our awards for State and National safety accomplishments.

Quality Installation

We’re able to provide our customers with the quality installation for several reasons:

  • Our installers are skilled Union workers.
  • Our lead installer has a minimum of 30 years of experience in the field.
  • We’re licensed, bonded and insured in your city.
  • Our installers are leaders in customer service, and safety.

Whether it is a small remodel, or a tenant build-out as replacement, or a high rise apartment project, we have the staffing capability to handle the job.

Because we recognize that the best service is the kind that doesn’t drop off after the initial job, K. Pearson Mechanical, LLC proudly provides our customers with quality follow-up service and is able to offer 24-hour emergency service and radio-dispatched service vehicles. We even make Preferred Customer Service Agreements available for scheduled and emergency service

About Us

 K. Pearson Mechanical, LLC is a women- minority owned business established in 2009 and specializing in the following services:
  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Plumbing
  • Controls 
  • Refrigeration
  • Design build projects
  • Service Contracts
  • 24 Hour Service 

K. Pearson Mechanical, LLC can meet the needs of any job, from the smallest office, to a high-rise office building.

We have provided mechanical systems for a large number of schools, universities, hospitals, prisons, convention centers, and major office high-rises over the past years in new construction and remodeling. K. Pearson Mechanical,LLC is proficient in design/build and plan/specification projects of all types and sizes. We have worked with a variety of commercial, industrial and institutional clients.

Our experience and expert knowledge enables us to specialize in commercial construction, including new construction, remodeling and renovation of commercial properties. Our mark of excellence also extends into our commercial service, automation systems and temperature controls.

Additionally, K. Pearson Mechanical, LLC is the Twin Cities’ first choice for electric, electronic, digital and pneumatic control of heating and ventilating systems. And as you would expect from a company this concerned with customer satisfaction, we’re proud to make available our 24-hour emergency service for commercial residences and commercial properties.


LEED (Leadership in Energy Efficiency Design) is the building designation for scoring set up by the USGBC (United States Green Building Council, K Pearson Mechanical, LLC is proud to be implementing this process on several projects, of differing sizes and levels.


Bois Forte Band of Chippewa
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e History

A Brief Summary of Bois Forte History

Bois Forte, or “strong wood”, was the French name given to the Indians living in the densest forests of what is now extreme northern Minnesota.

The Bois Forte reservation is located in extreme northern Minnesota, about 45 miles south of the Canadian border. The reservation is divided into three sectors, Nett Lake, Vermilion, and Deer Creek. The largest section is around Nett Lake located in St. Louis and Koochiching counties. 50% of the Nett Lake sector is wetland and is said to be the largest producer of wild rice in the United States. The Nett Lake sector is home to the majority of the Bois Forte Band members and the Bands primary government offices.

The Vermilion sector of the reservation is located on Lake Vermilion, near Tower in St. Louis County. Vermilion is home to additional Band members and to Fortune Bay Resort Casino. The third section of the reservation is Deer Creek, which lies in Itasca County and currently no Band members reside on this section.

The Bois Forte Band of Ojibwe (also referred to as Chippewa) has lived in northern Minnesota for centuries, but they did not originate there. The people journeyed from the east coast up the Saint Lawrence River, around the Great Lakes and followed rivers and lakes inland.

The community first entered into a treaty with the United States in 1854 that set aside an undefined region around Lake Vermilion as a reservation. The regions at Nett Lake and Itasca County – Deer Creek – were officially established in an 1866 treaty, and the Lake Vermilion lands were defined in an 1881 executive order. In 1997, the Bois Forte Reservation Tribal  Council assumed full responsibility for the delivery of all government programs and services to its people.

The Bois Forte Band has carefully reinvested their revenues and diversified their business portfolio as part of their commitment to strengthening the regions economy and increasing Band member employment. Under the management of the Bois Forte Development Corporation, the Band now owns and operates Fortune Bay Resort Casino, The Wilderness Golf Course, WELY- End of the Road Radio, Powerain Manufacturing, Inc., the Y-Store and Bois Forte Wild Rice. Fortune Bay Resort Casino officially opened in August of 1986 and currently employs over 500 people, annually injecting more than $30 million into the economy of northern Minnesota

The Bois Forte people have seen many changes, the great forests are gone, and there is more people and far fewer animals. Despite these alterations, Bois Forte has endured and preserved their ancient traditions; harvesting wild rice, tapping maple trees and picking berries to name a few.

As Bois Forte enters the Information Age, they still hold and cherish their traditions and culture. Balancing and weaving everything together – a sense of community, is expressed in gatherings, celebrations in powwows and sacred ceremonies. Keeping things in balance Bois Forte embraces education, keeping ancient traditions alive as well as planning and preparing for the future.

Bois Forte Departments

Business Development
Retail Development
Heritage Center
Human Resources
Human Services
Nett Lake Police Department
Public Works
Gaming Regulatory
Tribal Employment Rights Office
Public Relations

RTC Office Locations

The RTC members and Executive Director offices are located in the Community and Government Services Center in Nett Lake.  Representative Toutloff also maintains an office in the Vermilion Community Center.

To reach the RTC Offices call 218-757-3261 in Nett Lake and 800-223-4170 in Vermilion.

 Members of the Bois Forte Tribal Council

Kevin Leecy

Tribal Chair

David Morrison, Sr.

Secretary Treasurer

Karlene Chosa

District I Representative

Brandon BennerDistrict 1 Representative

Ray Toutloff

District II Representative

Ryan Companies US, Inc.
Visions, Inc.
Chippewa Graphics, Inc.
The UPS Store™
White Earth Investment Initiative
Native American Community Development Institute (NACDI)
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Mission driven and community focused, we are…

The Native American Community Development Institute (NACDI), an American Indian community development intermediary organization – the first of its kind in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. The organization is configured as an alliance of the major Indian nonprofits and several Indian businesses in the metropolitan area committed to community-building through sector economic development and large-scale development. Foremost in our transformation plan to develop a new community infrastructure is to build community capacity and assets within high growth economic sectors.

Currently, no alignment and capacity-building structure exists in the American Indian community for social or economic change. To begin to develop a community-based strategy for social and economic change, NACDI will first work with American Indian nonprofits to rebuild their community-driven structure that responds to the demands and opportunities of the economy. Specifically, we will work with American Indian nonprofits on sector strategy development in Land and Housing, Entertainment and Media and Health and Wellness. These three “sectors” share the characteristics of high job growth potential; opportunities for asset development; and sustainability as a part of longer-term American and global industry growth.


Over the past three years, American Indian community leaders have been working to strategically transform the American Indian community for the 21st century.

NACDI was created because leaders in the American Indian community realized that the knowledge economy, coupled with a younger American Indian community on average, increased private surrounding development and opening global markets, presented an opportunity to develop significant economic growth and take advantage of other community improvement opportunities.

The Indian community thus created NACDI to take a new direction toward innovative community development approaches that broker cross-sector partnerships and alliances and mobilize investment. American Indian nonprofits are ready for change, but need an innovative intermediary to re-direct them to asset development through greater entrepreneurial activity. The work needs the energy and alignment of the group and not the solo process to succeed.

NACDI grew out of the work of the Hennepin County American Indian Families Project (AIFP), a partnership project between Hennepin County and the Metropolitan Urban Indian Directors organization.  Through this community-driven initiative, the idea of focusing on American Indian community through community economic development came about.  The result was the formation of the NACDI Taskforce, a coalition of more than 60 individuals — including representatives from American Indian nonprofits, American Indian businesses, Hennepin County, the City of Minneapolis, Minneapolis Community and Technical College, Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College, Minneapolis Public Schools, as well as community-based and philanthropic organizations. A strategic plan for NACDI was completed in October 2006 after a 10-month, community-engaged, strategic-planning process. At the heart of this strategic plan is a community commitment to work together.



NACDI is undertaking a variety projects in our four sector areas to build human capacity and increase economic development in the urban American Indian community.

Arts and Culture Projects

Land and Housing Projects

Entertainment and Media Projects

Health and Wellness Projects



American Indian Community Blueprint
Building a 21st Century American Indian Community

The American Indian Community Blueprint is a comprehensive document that defines a vision for the future of the urban American Indian community of the Twin Cities.  This document was developed by the community, for the community, and provides a central place for community improvement strategies.  The document is the first of its kind in the country, and represents an important step in the community defining its future direction.  NACDI compiled the document from extensive engagement and study within the community, and presents it here as a resource for the community.  The document was released on April 30th, 2010.  It is also available for download as a pdf file.

Table of Contents







Community Wholeness

Community Economic Vitality

Community Prosperity



Cedar Box/Ambles


MNDOT Retaining Wall


Minneapolis American Indian Center

Franklin Business Center

West Gateway


APPENDIX A – Background Documents

MIGIZI Communications
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About Us

MIGIZI Communications celebrated its 30th year of service to the Twin Cities American Indian community in November 2007. MIGIZI’s founding work was to train Indian journalists, who produced the first nationally distributed Indian news magazine in the country, First Person Radio. First Person Productions continued with this program over the next 17 years. The next iteration of MIGIZI’s work was to put the tools of communication in the hands of Indian youth. This effort gave rise to the first American Indian summer computer camp and Achievement Through Communications, that worked with high school students.

Today, MIGIZI works in three intersecting areas to improve the future for the community: The Native Academy working in math, science, technology and post-secondary education planning; First Person Productions working on new media production and working with tribes to develop their telecom infrastructure; and educational equity work that will help to empower communities as they reclaim a primary role in the education of their children.


MIGIZI Board of Directors adopted the following strategic directives/goals in 2005: 1) to continue to deliver high quality programming that strengthens Indian families and improves the life chances of Indian children; 2) to use our position as a local and national Indian nonprofit leader to model and promote cultural assets-based approaches in organizational operations and program delivery; and 3) to retool and enhance MIGIZI’s media infrastructure to take advantage of 21st century new media opportunities.

These Strategic Directives and MIGIZI’s mission are carried out through two major program divisions: First Person Productions (media/communications), Native Academy® (academic and wholistic youth development). In addition to our programmatic work, MIGIZI contributes to community leadership and policy initiatives that further our mission.

Native Academy

Through First Person Productions (FPP), we provide service and programming in telecommunications, and New Media including training students in entrepreneurism and multi-media production in order to prepare them for 21st century careers. MIGIZI is also part of a larger national network of Native media organizations, the Native Media and Telecommunications Network (NMTN). The Network focuses on telecommunications training and content development from a Native perspective.

Native Academy (NAC) is a middle and high school program focusing on science, technology, and math that has developed into a nationally recognized model for Indian student success. The program currently works with 250 students in middle and high school and has a primary goal of increasing the academic performance, graduation rates, and postsecondary enrollment rates of Indian students. NAC works in partnership with the Minneapolis Public Schools, the Achieve Minneapolis’ Step-Up Youth Employment Program and several other community-based organizations. The program has been in operation since 1995, and has demonstrated success in improving Indian student attendance rates and academic performance based on comparative data compiled and reported by the Minneapolis Public Schools Research, Evaluation, and Assessment Department.

First Person Productions

First Person Productions ™ is a program of MIGIZI Communications that consists of multi media production (film, video, radio) and a New Media Pathway Program to train American Indian youth to produce and distribute content via conventional and virtual media. First Person Productions (FPP) provides multi-media production training to approximately 50 Minneapolis Indian youth each year.

FPP specializes in promotional videos, training and educational media, public service announcements, documentaries, radio programs and podcasts, and other forms of audiovisual production including advertising and brand promotion. Our media products have received over 20,000 channel views on YouTube.

We can work with almost any budget. Let our team of media-savvy youth produce your next video or new media product.

Sample Reel

Production Package Rates



Native Youth Futures

Native Youth Futures – Financially Independent is a teen asset building project is designed to present permanent and sustainable solutions to intergenerational poverty and lack of economic opportunities. MIGIZI Communications will recruit 150 low-income American Indian youth from across Minneapolis, ages 14-21, providing them with the asset-generating opportunities and supports needed to prepare them to become financially-independent adults. 

These students will:

  • Undergo work readiness training and be placed in paid internship opportunities in high-growth, high-demand careers;
  • Save earnings for college in an Individual Development Account which will be matched 4:1 through program funds;
  • Receive financial literacy training, mentorship and 21st Century Skills development opportunities;

The project’s main partners include:

  • AchieveMpls, who will provide workforce training and internship placement for American Indian youth participants through the STEP-UP Achieve youth employment program over the five year course of the project; and
  • Woodlands National Bank, owned by the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe, who will administer youth IDA savings accounts, wherein students will have their savings matched 4:1 to be used for higher education expenses. Woodlands is the primary banking institution serving the urban American Indian community in Minneapolis.

Native Youth Futures – Financially Independent responds directly to the needs identified and vision created out of a two-year strategic planning process facilitated by the Native American Community Development Institute (NACDI) and involving hundreds of Minneapolis American Indian community members of all ages.  The document created from this process: American Indian Community Blueprint: Building a 21st Century American Indian Community, articulates a vision of a vibrant healthy and balanced community where there are economic opportunities for American Indian people.

For more information about this project, contact John Gwinn, Project Director at 612-721-6631 x 222. Inquiries via e-mail can be sent to

Links About previous Native Youth Futures Programming:

Marketplace Productions, LLC
Wells Technology Incorporated
GreyStar Electronics, Inc.
Foster Mayers Associates, LLC
Buffalo Nickel Creative
City of Saint Paul Department of Human Rights & Equal Economic Opportunity (HREEO)
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Human Rights & Equal Economic Opportunity

HREEO champions Justice and Equity by confronting issues of discrimination and providing innovative avenues for accessibility and economic opportunities for all residents and businesses.

HREEO achieves these goals by consistently delivering quality customer service, being a voice and advocate within the city and metro area, building relationships throughout the community, and enforcing laws.

We welcome you to join our efforts.

Department Overview
The Department of Human Rights & Equal Economic Opportunity (HREEO) is composed of several divisions that perform a diverse array of functions.


The Human Rights Division of the Department of Human Rights and Equal Economic Opportunity (HREEO) is responsible for investigating complaints of discrimination that have taken place within the City of Saint Paul.

Note: The Human Rights Division is a neutral, fact-finding agency and does not represent either party in its investigations.

* However, please note that as a matter of practice, to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest, we do not investigate charges of discrimination filed against another department of the City.

The City of Saint Paul Code of Ordinance – Chapter 183empowers the Human Rights Division to investigate human rights complaints on the basis of:

  • Race
  • Color
  • Religion
  • Creed
  • Age
  • Disability
  • Marital Status
  • Familial Status
  • Sex
  • Sexual or Affectional Orientation
  • National Origin
  • Ancestry
  • Status with regard to Public Assistance

Human Rights Specialists

Our Human Rights Specialists conduct investigations based on complaints the division receives. Upon investigation of a complaint and applicable law, Human Rights Specialists make a recommendation of Probable Cause (PC) or No Probable Cause (NPC) subject to the approval of the Director.  Human Rights Specialists may also facilitate Pre-Determination Settlement Agreements (PDSA) and conciliation sessions when there is a finding of PC.
Treasure Island Resort & Casino
Shooting Star Casino, Hotel & Event Center
Seven Clans Casino Hotel & Event
Prairie’s Edge Casino Resort
The Palace Casino Hotel
Northern Lights Casino
Mystic Lake Casino Hotel
Leech Lake Gaming
Jackpot Junction Casino Hotel
Grand Casino Mille Lacs
Grand Casino Hinckley
Fortune Bay Resort Casino
Gitchi Gaming, Inc.
Twisted Balloons
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Twisted Balloons is a fun group, who love to party!  Everyone was born to smile, laugh and to be happy~ Balloons have a way of doing that, no matter if you’re young or old, boy or girl, mom or dad…..we can help to make your party fun!   We also do face painting, and we have a clown.  Small party, big party, festival, we would love to be there.  Let us help with those smiles and memories!  :O)


Xcel Energy
American Indian Opportunities Industrialization Center (AIOIC)
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Mission & History

The mission of the American Indian OIC is to empower American Indians to pursue career opportunities by providing individualized education, training, and employment services in a culturally rich environment. The organization was founded in 1979 as a practical resource to respond to the considerable education and employment disparities faced by American Indians living in and around South Minneapolis. In the years since its founding, the AIOIC has built a workforce of over 20,000 people from the entire Twin City area and tribal nations across the country and is a nationally recognized leader in the workforce development field. Although it was founded to support people of Native descent, the American Indian OIC’s resources and programs are available to all persons regardless of race, creed, age, gender, or sexual orientation.


The goal of the American Indian OIC is to not only help people in poverty, unemployment or seeking advancement obtain a job, but to provide an educational foundation that secures employment in positions that have opportunities for professional and financial growth. The organization achieves this by educating people from all academic levels and moving them forward to a more stable and thriving future. Most participants in our training programs have the ability to acquire hands on experience in their field by working with local businesses and nonprofits while others are able to secure experience by working with our entrepreneurial programs such as Takoda Creative.


Contribute to building a stronger community and workforce by connecting with the American Indian OIC.  Support from individuals, local businesses, and foundations are critical to the success of the organization. Get involved in the following ways:


AIOIC relies on the generous support of individuals and teams to help out in a variety of ways.  Administrative support, helping clients seek employment in our opportunities center, and grounds clean up at season change are just a few. Please contact Katie Fitzpatrick to discuss available opportunities: or call 612/341-3358 ext.128


If you or your company needs a new employee, consider the graduates and skilled participants in our programs.  Each hold unique educational or professional histories that range from recent graduates to seasoned professionals that can fill entry level to higher qualified positions. Many employers also provide students with valuable hands-on work experience by hosting them for internships. Simultaneously, employers receive additional help in information technology and healthcare or administrative or social media support.  Internships can be schedule for a short project or ongoing.


All gifts, great or small, make a difference. Annual gifts allow key leaders at American Indian OIC to react to immediate priorities or to assist in accomplishing their strategic objectives. Your gift today can impact programming, outreach efforts and financial aid for students and program participants. Financial donations from individuals and companies are used to support the activities and daily operations of the organization as well as program needs such as text books, equipment, field trips, and workshops.

Dakota Futures, Inc.
AAA Reporting, Inc.
Bald Eagle Erectors, Inc.
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Bald Eagle Erectors

Since its establishment in 1994, Bald Eagle Erectors has provided quality, value, and added service to its customers. Because we focus on quality workmanship, our success is created from additional and repeat business through referrals from satisfied customers.

The mission of Bald Eagle Erectors and its personnel is to build and operate a company that provides valuable quality services to all of its customers.

With growth and profitability as our objectives, we will endeavor to provide those services at fair prices recognizing the right of our customers and suppliers to realize a profit. We shall conduct our business, value those relationships, and treat our employees and clients with respect, ethics and responsibility.

Bald Eagle Erectors is:

  • Minority and Veteran owned Minnesota Steel Erectors Association Member
  • Certified US SBA 8a
  • Certified DBE State of Minnesota
  • Minnesota Unified Certification Program
  • Certified ESB City of Mpls/Hennepin County
  • Certified MMSDC – Minnesota Minority Supplier Development Council
  • Certified TVDP City of St. Paul/Ramsey County
  • Member MAICC – Minnesota American Indian Chamber of Commerce