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Arlo Sports (MN Swarm)
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On October 25, 2004, sports fans and lacrosse enthusiasts in the Twin Cities were introduced to the Minnesota Swarm. Minnesota Swarm General Manager Marty O’Neill, Head Coach Mike Simpson and players Neil Doddridge and Ray Guze joined local youth lacrosse players shooting balls into a lacrosse net on the Xcel Energy Center turf to help unveil the new team name, logo and colors on the arena’s scoreboard during a special ceremony.

The primary Swarm logo depicts a swarming motion while highlighting an ambiguous insect, all in the form of the letter “S”. The electrifying gold, and bold, dominant blue in the logo and the jersey, bring to life the fast-paced, physical play of lacrosse. The secondary logo brings another character to life, with the hint of a lacrosse stick to tie back to the sport. The official team colors are Minnesota Royal Blue, Electric Gold and Minnesota Swarm Silver.

The Minnesota Swarm name and logo development sought to build a connection to Minnesota sports fans by tapping into the adrenaline-fueled nature of this high-scoring sport, while at the same time recognizing that it would be an edgy new addition to the local sports scene. After sifting through hundreds of names, and getting fan feedback via the Internet, there was one that quickly rose to the top – The Minnesota Swarm – incorporating the idea of coming together in an ultra-energetic way.

In 2008, a new chapter in Swarm lacrosse began as the team’s original owners, the Minnesota Sports & Entertainment (MSE), sold the franchise to John J. Arlotta and Andy Arlotta.

Twisted Balloons
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Twisted Balloons is a fun group, who love to party!  Everyone was born to smile, laugh and to be happy~ Balloons have a way of doing that, no matter if you’re young or old, boy or girl, mom or dad…..we can help to make your party fun!   We also do face painting, and we have a clown.  Small party, big party, festival, we would love to be there.  Let us help with those smiles and memories!  :O)