Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center

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MIWRC’s “circle of services” address family, community, and public issues that are focused on the Native American population. MIWRC provides the tools, support and cultural values for our clients to care for themselves and their children. MIWRC’s Goals – educate, stabilize, strengthen, and protect families – through honoring and preserving American Indian culture. Programs: Family Stablization: housing assistance, crisis prevention, financial assistance, parenting, life skills, budgeting, basic necessities, transportation, advocacy, mental health referrals, and stress/coping skills. Supporting Housing & Emergency Shelter: safe emergency and long term housing with financial education and budgeting training. Sacred Journey: helping sexually traumatized women to heal and rebuild their lives. Sex Trafficking: primary prevention, intervention and advocacy for sex trafficking victims. Nokomis Endaad (Grandmother’s House): an intensive outpatient program for Native women challenged by mental health and chemical dependency issues, sexual trauma and cultural co-occuring disorders. Cherish the Children Learning Center: licensed, quality early learning environment for infants and children up to 6 years. The Learning Center at Ancient Trader Market: extensive collection of books, periodicals and videos are available to provide education, and awareness on alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Internet access is available for public use.

2300 15th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55404
Phone: (612) 728-2000
Fax: (612) 728-2039

Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center is a member of the following following business categories:

  • American Indian Non-Profits
  • Non-profit

Business Owner Information

Owner Name(s) Suzanne Koepplinger
Email Address SKoepplinger@miwrc.org
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