Native American Community Development Institute (NACDI)

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Mission driven and community focused, we are…

The Native American Community Development Institute (NACDI), an American Indian community development intermediary organization – the first of its kind in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. The organization is configured as an alliance of the major Indian nonprofits and several Indian businesses in the metropolitan area committed to community-building through sector economic development and large-scale development. Foremost in our transformation plan to develop a new community infrastructure is to build community capacity and assets within high growth economic sectors.

Currently, no alignment and capacity-building structure exists in the American Indian community for social or economic change. To begin to develop a community-based strategy for social and economic change, NACDI will first work with American Indian nonprofits to rebuild their community-driven structure that responds to the demands and opportunities of the economy. Specifically, we will work with American Indian nonprofits on sector strategy development in Land and Housing, Entertainment and Media and Health and Wellness. These three “sectors” share the characteristics of high job growth potential; opportunities for asset development; and sustainability as a part of longer-term American and global industry growth.


Over the past three years, American Indian community leaders have been working to strategically transform the American Indian community for the 21st century.

NACDI was created because leaders in the American Indian community realized that the knowledge economy, coupled with a younger American Indian community on average, increased private surrounding development and opening global markets, presented an opportunity to develop significant economic growth and take advantage of other community improvement opportunities.

The Indian community thus created NACDI to take a new direction toward innovative community development approaches that broker cross-sector partnerships and alliances and mobilize investment. American Indian nonprofits are ready for change, but need an innovative intermediary to re-direct them to asset development through greater entrepreneurial activity. The work needs the energy and alignment of the group and not the solo process to succeed.

NACDI grew out of the work of the Hennepin County American Indian Families Project (AIFP), a partnership project between Hennepin County and the Metropolitan Urban Indian Directors organization.  Through this community-driven initiative, the idea of focusing on American Indian community through community economic development came about.  The result was the formation of the NACDI Taskforce, a coalition of more than 60 individuals — including representatives from American Indian nonprofits, American Indian businesses, Hennepin County, the City of Minneapolis, Minneapolis Community and Technical College, Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College, Minneapolis Public Schools, as well as community-based and philanthropic organizations. A strategic plan for NACDI was completed in October 2006 after a 10-month, community-engaged, strategic-planning process. At the heart of this strategic plan is a community commitment to work together.



NACDI is undertaking a variety projects in our four sector areas to build human capacity and increase economic development in the urban American Indian community.

Arts and Culture Projects

Land and Housing Projects

Entertainment and Media Projects

Health and Wellness Projects



American Indian Community Blueprint
Building a 21st Century American Indian Community

The American Indian Community Blueprint is a comprehensive document that defines a vision for the future of the urban American Indian community of the Twin Cities.  This document was developed by the community, for the community, and provides a central place for community improvement strategies.  The document is the first of its kind in the country, and represents an important step in the community defining its future direction.  NACDI compiled the document from extensive engagement and study within the community, and presents it here as a resource for the community.  The document was released on April 30th, 2010.  It is also available for download as a pdf file.

Table of Contents







Community Wholeness

Community Economic Vitality

Community Prosperity



Cedar Box/Ambles


MNDOT Retaining Wall


Minneapolis American Indian Center

Franklin Business Center

West Gateway


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