One of the first American Indian Chambers in the United States and the first and oldest Chamber for people of color in Minnesota; the Minnesota American Indian Chamber of Commerce (MAICC) was founded and incorporated in August of 1986 as a non profit entity, receiving its 501(c)3 status in January of 1989.

MAICC organized with the purpose to:

  • Work to expand the economic opportunities for American Indians in Minnesota, promote the development of American Indian business activity, expand job opportunities, and promote the entrance of American Indian Entrepreneurs in Minnesota’s competitive business community,
  • To help small business enterprises expand their market share and sales through advocacy in the community,
  • To represent the American Indian business person’s point of view at various levels of government to positively affect legislative and other policy activity impacting Indian businesses. No substantial part of the activities shall consist of carrying on propaganda or otherwise attempting to influence legislation, and not participate in, or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office, and
  • To manage the internal affairs of the Chamber to effectively and efficiently meet the needs of the origination and its members.

The Chamber’s membership encompasses both the private and the public sector:

  • American Indian Tribes located in Minnesota (7 Ojibwe & 4 Dakota)
  • American Indian Owned Businesses located in Minnesota
  • American Indian Professionals located in Minnesota
  • American Indian Organizations and Non-Profits located in Minnesota
  • Federal, State and Local organizations, corporations, and government agencies that wish to support, buy from or sell to American Indian owned businesses and communities.

Mission Statement

To promote, advocate, and create economic prosperity on behalf of American Indian businesses, organizations, professionals, and tribal enterprises in a global market.

Human Rights Statement

Close the opportunity gap for American Indian entrepreneurs by providing equitable access to timely communication and dissemination of current information on business opportunities with a particular emphasis of reaching those members who are directly disadvantaged so their efforts will impact the business landscape and assist in achieving entrepreneurial parity.

Our Market

Our Primary Market includes Minnesota Tribal Governments, American Indian owned Businesses and Non-Profits, and American Indian Professionals.

Our Secondary Market includes Federal, State and Local organizations, companies, and government agencies that wish to support, buy from or sell to American Indian owned businesses.